45° LED lamp focuses our attention for 45 minutes!


We have all heard and harped about the seemingly short attention span of teenagers nowadays. Well, instead of complaining, designer Thomas Droze has actually looked forth to utilizing this short span of attention for increasing the productivity of teenagers (and adults) around the world. How so, you ask? Well, he has conceived the 45° LED lamp, a minimalist lighting mechanism whose design language is based upon the time period of 45 minutes. According to studies, maximum effectiveness while studying or working can only be achieved in time increments. 45 minutes is an optimized period for such time increments. So, the 45° LED lamp comes with a built-in timer that corresponds to maximized illumination for 45 minutes time. In that regard, the brightness will automatically be reduced after the completion of the time period.

Now, beyond its time oriented application, the 45° LED lamp does exhibit a subtly elegant form with a simple white composition and an arrangement of 45 degree angles. The clean and simple lines are complemented by the incorporation of frosted glass for the angular lower part (base) of the light. The minimalist bearing is also upheld by eschewing any kind of electronic module or display, with the timer being actually presented as a conventionally analog clock with a single moving hand.

Finally, the LED mechanism also boasts of a long life with easy control of both color and intensity. As for the overall refined finish of the lamp, the light comprises of neutral colors ‘for a simple and calming palette’.

source:  http://www.jamesdysonaward.org/Projects/Project.aspx?ID=3404&RegionId=0&Winindex=0


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