Enabling Web User Attention

Just about every other day, I hear (or, *gasp* read) something along the lines of, “nobody reads anymore.” Sadly, this has been said too often by intellectuals of high repute, much in the way of a cultural ice-breaker confession, the kind meant to lead the rest of us to similar “awakening” and, hopefully, communal reform. This sort of “I’m broken, I’ve accepted it, come with me” type of paen to the future is typically followed by pseudo-analysis of reading “data”—that more text is being read than ever before, the majority of which delivered in tiny bursts and read on tiny screens, that bits of scattered chatter are our contemporary form, and that skimming all else, once a necessary evil of time-strapped readers with good intentions, is now, like it or not, the new normal. I reject all of that, and so should you.

via Enabling Web User Attention.


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