Cognition – Engineering the Perfect Brain




Our cognitive superiority is what differentiates us from any other living organisms on the earth. It has allowed the human race to climb on top of the food chain and somehow rendered us the ‘Kings’ of this planet. 

This doesn’t erase the fact that the human brain and its cognitive processes are full of unwanted & inefficient kluges; which has resulted in the creation of computing machines, an extension/recreation of our brain model which nears perfection. Machines, which nowadays can perform thousands (if not more) of cognitive processes in a split second, with the results being as accurate as ever, exceeding by far any capacities of the initial human model.

Computing machineries collect, analyse and crunch down data at the speed of light. We’ve even granted them with the ability to ‘think’ & adapt, while we can also admit that most of our daily tasks without computation  would create chaos in present times.

How long before we become part of them?


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