Events – Sit Back, Observe & Absorb


When I think about events, I can’t steer away from the thought of chance. Events, in themselves occur by chance, our surroundings are full of those, events that we take for granted, that we don’t appreciate or even notice. Our existence is governed by so much control, that we are unable to notice what the world is constantly throwing at us. 

Those events are chances; chances that allows one’s mind to thrive and create journeys. Infinite possibilities there surrounding us.

Break free from that control that we impose on ourselves. Appreciate what’s around us. Listen, observe & feel all that is happening around us; the sound of those far away sirens, that of high heels slamming on the floor, a flock of bird changing direction or that light breeze brushing our skin. Those events are each in their own right full of clues & emotions; full of life. 

They reveal so much about ourselves, how we exist in the world around us; how this world exists in itself.

Sit back, observe and absorb.


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