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Historical Background

1. Crichton, A. M. (1798). An InQuiry into the Nature and Origin of Mental Derangement. London: T. Cadell, Junior, and W. Davies.

General Reading

1. ADHD: recognition, reality and resolution by Geoffrey Douglas Kewley

2. ADHD: the facts by Mark Selikowitz

3. ADHD in Adults: What the Science Says by Russell A Barkley, PhD Internationally Recognized ADHD Authority, Kevin R Murphy, Mariellen Fischer

4. ADHD Living without brakes by Martin L Kutscher MD

5. Adult ADD, the Complete Handbook: Everything You Need to Know About How to Cope and Live Well with ADD/ADHD by David B. Sudderth, Joseph Kandel, Georgia Hughes

6.Answers to Distraction by Edward M. Hallowell, John J. Ratey

7. Attention Deficit Disorder: The Unfocused Mind in Children and Adults by Thomas E Brown PhD

8. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults: the latest assessment & treatment strategies by Russell A Barkley, PhD

9. Beyond Ritalin: facts about medication and other strategies for helping … by Stephen W. Garber, Marianne Daniels Garber, Robyn Freedman Spizman

10. Delivered from Distraction: Getting the Most Out of Life with Attention Deficit Disorder by Edward M Hallowell, John J Ratey, John J. Ratey

11. Driven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood by Edward M. Hallowell, John J. Ratey

12. The Tipping Points: What Professionals Should Recognise as the Social Impact of ADHD by Phil Anderton

13. Understanding ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia by Colin Terrell, Terri Passenger

14. You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!: The Classic Self-help Book for Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder by Kate Kelly & Peggy Ramundo

15. ADD and Creativity: Tapping your Inner Muse by Lynn Weiss

16. ADD and Success by Lynn Weiss

17. Attention deficit disorder in adults: a different way of thinking, 4th Edition by Lynn Weiss

18 Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Adults By Wolfgang Retz, R. G. Klein


1. ADHD in Adults: A Psychological Guide to Practice by Susan Young, Jessica Bramham

2. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: The NICE Guideline on Diagnosis and Management of ADHD in Children, Young People and Adults by National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health

3. Clinician’s Guide to Adult ADHD: Assessment and Intervention (Practical Resources for the Mental Health Professional) by Sam Goldstein, Anne Teeter Ellison

4. Cognitive-behavioral Therapy for Adult ADHD: An Integrative Psychosocial and Medical Approach by J. Russell Ramsay, Anthony L. Rostain

5. Mastering Your Adult ADHD: Workbook: A cognitive-behavioral treatment program: Client Workbook by Steven Safren, Susan Sprich, Carol Perlman, Michael Otto

6. ADHD and the Nature of Self-Control by Russell A Barkley

7. Adult ADHD: Diagnosis Assessment and Treatment by Dr J.J. Sandra Kooij


1. ADD – Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life by Judith Kolberg, Kathleen Nadeau

2. The Disorganized Mind: Coaching Your ADHD Brain to Take Control of Your Time, Tasks, and Talents by John Ratey and Nancy A. Ratey

3. 10 Simple solutions to Adult ADD: How to overcome chronic distraction and accomplish your goals by Stephanie Moulton Sarkis

4. ADHD Comorbidities: Handbook for ADHD Complications in Children and Adults by Thomas Brown


1. Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?: Stopping the Roller Coaster When Someone You Love Has Attention Deficit Disorder by Gina Pera

2. The ADHD Effect on Marriage: Understand and Rebuild Your Relationship in Six Steps by Melissa C. Orlov

ADHD Memoirs

1. Our Lives With ADHD by Kate Mowbray

2. Take 2 Asprin by Gilly Smith

3. ADD and Me: 40 years in a fog by Ken Patterson

4. ADHD & me: what I learned from lighting fires at the dinner table By Blake E. S. Taylor, Lara Honos-Webb


1. Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting: The Power of Positive Feelings by Lynn Grabhorn


1. Survival Guide for College Students with ADHD or LD by Kathleen G. Nadeau

2. Making the Grade With ADD by Stephanie Moulton Sarkis


1. Survival Tips for Women with AD/HD: Beyond Piles, Palms and Post-Its by Terry Matlen

2. Understanding Women with Ad/HD by Kathleen G. Nadeau

3. Women with Attention Deficit Disorder: Embracing Disorganisation at Home and in the Workplace by Sari Solden


1. A.D.D. on the Job: Making Your A.D.D. Work for You by Lynn Weiss

2. ADD in the workplace: choices, changes, and challenges by Kathleen G. Nadeau

3. Copy This!: How I Turned Dyslexia, ADHD, and 100 Square Feet Into a Company Called Kinko’s by Charles R. Schwab (Foreword), Paul Orfalea, Ann Marsh

4. ADHD secrets of success: coaching yourself to fulfillment in the business world By Thom Hartmann

5. Taking Charge of Adult ADHD By Russell A. Barkley, Christine M. (CON) Benton

Last review date: 13/04/2011

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