Networks – A Megamind of Chaos & Order


With great power there must also come –great responsibility!’;

by quoting Stan Lee or Franklin D. Roosevelt (in a speech he never got deliver at the Jefferson Day Dinner in 1945), it is fair to imply that the notion of networks, (as envisioned by J.C.R Licklider which is now the “World Wide Web”, a courtesy of Paul Baran, the father of what he called “hot-potato routing”/ distributed communication) has instigated a great deal of intellectual power to the human race.

We are able to extend our minds beyond the boundaries of our skulls; our brains feed off each others’ grey matter, allowing access to an immense amount of knowledge from thousands of generations in a single lifespan. This interconnected spectrum of minds and the ability to communicate across the globe in a flash has somehow rendered us as ‘gods’. We create as quick as we destroy!

As Heinz V. Foerster pointed, we each have our own ideas of utopia. We each create our own realities, while annihilating others interconnected within a bigger network of realities. We initiate wars, then sow the seeds of peace.

“Network –A web of realities!”


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