Machines – Rebirth of Mankind

I find very interesting how we humans, have with time evolved to resemble more & more that which we call god. The human race is responsible for merely every earthly creations that exist. In recent years, from the 1800’s, a time at which we acquired a better knowledge of “immortality”, that of capturing moments. This was possible thanks to great minds such as Franz Reuleaux (kinematics), Nicephore Niepce (fixed images) & Thomas Edison (phonograph); we subconsciously started creating a new species to serve our every desires.

It was the start of what can be called reproducing through machines, one is able to capture volatile moments, able to reproduce his own self and allow that moment to not expire. It is allowed to travel though time & space, to be passed onto future beings, not only on earth but across the worlds. As H.G. Wells perceived the Utopians, it could be that ‘Men are Like Gods’.


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