Media – Wander to get lost…



It is fair to imply that any medium thrives on our human ability to wander & get lost. Taking us back to the point where as a child, exposed to a new environment, one’s curiosity ignites the will to wander and explore this new expanse; to wander deeper and deeper until we lose ourselves to that very medium. To the point at which we become immersed into that medium; where our very own environment is altered to fit around this new self that embraced the effects prevailing with that new medium.

Ken Hollings partly touched upon this argument while quoting Marshall McLuhan on how the latter prophesy “I look around at the effects and say: well, the causes will soon be here.”

As communication designers experimenting with new & old media, it is fundamental that we are able to analyse & comprehend this system in order to successfully captivate our audience.


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